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2015 Teen Masters Champions Brandon Soedarmasto
and Brigitte Jacobs each won a $7,500  Teen Masters
scholarship in addition to scholarship prizes from Dexter
earned for competitions during the multi-day event.
Photo Courtesy of Bowlers Journal International.

Since 1997, Teen Masters has brought youth bowlers from all over the country together for an unforgettable experience filled with competition, challenge and camaraderie. This year, Brandon Soedarmasto of Levittown, New York and Brigitte Jacobs of Freeport, Illinois won the Boys’ and Girls’ championships respectively, with Battlefield, Missouri’s Trey Brand and Wooster, Ohio’s Allie Leiendecker clinching the 14-and-under category for their genders. Thirteen-year-old Brand, competing at his first Teen Masters, also made a very impressive showing in the Boys’ title match, placing second to Soedarmasto.

Dexter has been a proud sponsor of the Teen Masters for 18 years, and recently awarded $5,000 in scholarship funds at this summer’s event at South Point Bowling Stadium in Las Vegas as part of the Dexter Leaders Challenge Program.

“I am very impressed by the focus and dedication I see in these young bowlers each year.  When these kids hit the lanes at the Teen Masters, it’s evident that they are constantly working on their game, honing their skills throughout the entire year,” said Bud Clapsaddle, Dexter’s Vice President. “We’ve been a proud partner of this event since 1998 and are pleased to help these student athletes toward their college education with our Dexter’s Leaders Challenge scholarship prizes.”

Congratulations to the following 10 bowlers who won scholarships from Dexter for top performance in the categories below at this year’s Teen Masters:


Day One:  Long Oil

Jarek Vincent of Fort Smith, Arkansas: $500
Brandon Soedarmasto of Levittown, New York: $250
Brigitte Jacobs of Freeport, Illinois: $500
Krystina Nealon of Coral Springs, Florida: $250

Day Two:  Short Oil

Justin Wisler of Davenport, Florida:  $500
Jacob Yoder of Wooster, Ohio: $250
Paige Beeney of Salado, Texas: $500
Heather Duncan of Middleburg, Florida: $125
Christie Draper of McKinney, Texas: $125

Day Three:  Mixed Pairs

Brandon Soedarmasto of Levittown, New York: $500
Trey Brand of Battlefield, Missouri: $250
Krystina Nealon of Coral Springs, Florida: $500
Brigitte Jacobs of Freeport, Illinois: $250

All Events Bonus

Brandon Soedarmasto of Levittown, New York: $250
Paige Beeney of Salado, Texas: $250

Founded by Gary B. Beck in 1997, Teen Masters celebrates the challenge of competition, the rigors of discipline and the values of perseverance, sportsmanship and camaraderie among youth bowlers across the country. Each year college scholarships are awarded to the champions and runners up.
Dexter, a proud partner of this event since 1998, offers our warmest congratulations to all of the 2015 Teen Masters competitors and winners. For information about the 2016 event, visit