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Dexter Welcomes Three New Staff Pros

Dexter is proud to announce three new additions to its professional staff. Dom Barrett, Josh Blanchard and Tom Daugherty are the newest PBA bowlers to be named to Team Dexter.

Dom Barrett. Photo Credit: PBA

Barrett, a native of Colchester, England, joined the PBA in 2010. The winner of the 2012-2013 PBA World Championship, he placed second in the 2015 US Open. Barrett was named the World Bowling Writers Bowler of the Year for three consecutive years from 2008 to 2010.

Josh Blanchard. Photo Credit: PBA

Blanchard, who is from Mesa, Arizona, seized his first PBA title this year when he took first place at the Brunswick Euro Challenge. At age 28, the 2011-2012 Rookie of the Year is the youngest pro on Team Dexter.


Tom Daugherty. Photo Credit: PBA

Daugherty, a resident of the Tampa, Florida area, claimed his first PBA Tour title in the 2012-2013 season when he clinched the Bowlers Journal Scorpion Open. He finished third in the 2015 PBA Players Championship and joined the PBA in 2001.

The entire Dexter organization is excited to welcome Dom, Josh and Tom and looks forward to a stellar season ahead.