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It’s Fantastic #4 for Jason Belmonte!


Belmonte has been named Player of the Year for four of the past five seasons. Photo Courtesy of PBA


Congratulations to Team Dexter Pro Jason Belmonte – the 2017 GEICO Chris Schenkel Player of the Year, who is now celebrating his fourth Player of the Year title. He previously received the honor for the 2012-13, 2014 and 2015 seasons.

With numerous accolades, titles, records and awards chronicling his exceptional performance to date, Jason continues to amaze one stellar year after the next. Taking home top honors in the PBA World Championship in 2017 clinched this newest Player of the Year title, following his Barbasol PBA Players Championship and USBC Masters wins for a record-setting three major victories in a season.

We look forward to seeing Jason in action next week when the PBA Tournament of Champions kicks off on February 5, with the finals televised live on ESPN at 1pm ET on February 11.